Playoffs Game 1: Houston Rockets v. Oklahoma City Thunder…and an upsetting loss!

It has been exactly a month since my last blog and I am sitting here listening to the pre-game commentary and realizing how much I have missed this feeling…of anticipation, of pride, of excitement… And I’m not gonna lie the 8th seed playing the 1st seed kind of has me a little worried. Everyone is saying that my Rockets don’t stand a chance….but the underdogs have defeated champions before, so we shall see.

A few things to keep in mind: this is Lin’s FIRST playoff game. Sometimes people forget that Lin sat out during the playoffs last season when he was with the Knicks, so I hope the pressure doesn’t get to him mentally. Also this game is being played at OKC’s home court and it’s a sold out game. It is like a sea of blue out there in the crowd…so they definitely have the home court advantage.

Stay with me…I’ll be updating this post after each quarter. Anyways…let the game begin!!!

First Quarter: HOU 19 vs. OKC 26

Ok my heart is very nervous for my boys right now. This first quarter was really hard to watch…during most of the first quarter, Houston was down by at least half of the points that OKC had…so it’s actually a relief that they are only down by 7pts right now. It’s not that HOU is playing horribly…it’s just that OKC is playing well. There were a lot of missed shots, a few turnovers…that blocked shot of Harden’s that made me scream at the tv…but there is still 3 more quarters to go. Let’s go Houston!!!

Halftime: HOU 47 vs. OKC 60

OMG…did you all see that beautiful play by Beverly and Parsons?! I couldn’t help by clap my hands and squeal.

There is still 3 minutes left to go but damn, our Rockets are playing hard and they are slowly coming back!! They even tied at one point!! My heart has finally calmed down a little *whew*.

And just as I post the above….OKC’s Perkins caught the ball all the way down the court and put in an uncontested dunk and my heart almost stopped because it was like I was watching a fall in slow motion and couldn’t stop it.

Then another dunk by OKC. And I’m still screaming at the tv. Harden started out slow…probably because he was playing his former teammates but right now Harden is still outscoring Durant. This game is getting really hard to watch. Down by 13…

3rd Quarter: HOU 66 vs. OKC 89

And it just keeps getting worse…missed shots galore. Lin had a steal at one point but lost the ball. I almost can’t watch this game anymore…almost…*sigh* Everything that I do for the love of Jeremy Lin. I swear it’s like I can’t watch him fail but I also can’t tear my eyes away in case he makes a beautiful play or by some miracle they win. I think there are like 2 Houston fans in the crowd and the camera man made sure to linger on their sad faces for like 10 seconds. Thank goodness for Delfino’s 3pter…not that it made much difference though because the Rockets are down by 19 right now. And OKC’s Westbrook just made a nice layup *deep sigh*. But Westbrook is on fire tonight and playing very well, so I can’t hate on his skills right now. I keep reminding myself the Rockets have won against OKC and came back after a huge deficit…so it’s not totally over yet.

Final: HOU 91 vs. OKC 120

Ok…let’s just say this game was a learning experience for our young Rockets. I know McHale will be having them watch the video during their downtime to prepare for this Wednesday’s game #2. With about 4 minutes left in the game, McHale pulled out his starters and put in the new rookies…that’s how you know the game was truly over for the Rockets. I know some folks will be blaming this loss on McHale, but the missed shots or turnovers are not his fault. And since OKC was already up by 30pts, which will be hard to recover from in 4 minutes, it is probably better to rest your starters for the next game and give your rookies some playing time. It wasn’t that HOU played bad tonight…it was just that OKC played so much better and towards the end I feel like the Rockets just kind of gave up. Let’s hope they save their energy and come back strong Wednesday night because I don’t know how I’m gonna watch another game like this from Houston!! Commentators just called this a “blowout win” and since my Rocket are on the losing end of that comment…I am not too happy right now. *blah*

Top 5 Scorers:

1) Harden: 20 pts, 6 rbds, 2 asts

2) Beverly: 11 pts, 4 rbds, 4 asts

3) Delfino: 10 pts, 2 rbds, 1 ast

4) Asik: 9 pts, 7 rbds, 2 asts

5) Parsons: 9 pts, 3 rbds, 0 ast


It’s almost 1am Eastern Time right now and these are all the videos that I could find. Please let me know if you find more videos that you don’t see here and if you give me the link to it, I will share it with everyone else.

It was great to be able to watch a game and blog for everyone again tonight. Join me this Wednesday for Game #2!! Goodnight all my faithful readers and Jeremy Lin and Houston Rockets fans!!

Updated with Pics and Video (courtesy of Lin Lady mber!!)

look at the concentration on that beautiful face…

having a chat with McHale


love this one against Westbrook

I don’t know what I am looking at harder…his “cry” face which makes me want to fight someone or his ass jammed up against lucky #5

this is seriously like a ballet dance pose!!

I can’t stand to see him make these faces!!

Can I have his lips for dinner??

I LOVE him in his specs 🙂

Postgame Interview:

Jeremy looks so down (but also so freaking hot!!). As he said, they don’t have any excuses but they need to prepare for the next game and that’s what their focus is going to be on moving forward.


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55 Responses to Playoffs Game 1: Houston Rockets v. Oklahoma City Thunder…and an upsetting loss!

  1. mber says:

    Anna-K! You came back! Glad the Jeremy shirtless photos and videos worked hehe. Just check your FB and email for pics. I’ll be back after work hours. See yah (“,)

  2. Rubielyn says:

    Anna-K, welcome back!! 😉
    Looking forward to Game 2.

    Hi mber!! 😉

  3. mber says:

    Hey, Rubie! We’re having a fun convo while watching the game, we missed you! Pics later, gotta work now 😀

  4. GiaKiem says:

    Hi Rubielyn! Hi Mber! Hi K !

  5. mber says:

    I know they lost. Not expecting much as they are this time what OKC Thunder was in their first 2 years…great potential but really green. For some perspective It would be sweet to produce at least 1 win? Maybe 2? (“,)

    • ksoranna says:

      really great article/read mber!! Even though OKC are seasoned champs now…during the 2010 season, they were also very “green”..and probably close to what young teams like the Rockets are dealing with now.

  6. mber says:

    Hi Gia (“,) Are you okay, now? As BabyLin said
    Joseph Lin ‏@Joelinsta 7h
    Just a feel out game worries onto game 2 now

  7. mber says:

    Yup. Must be hard to be on Twitter right now, Rubie? JLin haters feasting again. I don’t wanna go there. I didn’t watch the game, just stole a few minutes from work to listen to the game. I don’t know what happened with Jeremy and the rest. Must be nerves? Man, those Thunder fans are so solid they’re scary 😛

    • Rubielyn says:

      Still in fb right now, twitter up next!
      Haters gonna hate and it’s their problem not ours ahahahaha
      It’s their 6th man, the fans.

      • GiaKiem says:

        twitter/facebook/clutchfans/bleacherreport …every is so hateful. I’m restraining myself. I hope he can block out all of those negative things. I want to see him smile. I’m going to pray for him hard.

  8. ksoranna says:

    I just received notice that some of the pics are not showing up. Can anyone see the pics at all??

  9. mber says:

    Anna, the photos won’t show. I wonder why. I tried other browsers to no avail. Does WordPress prefer specific file types for images?

    • ksoranna says:

      I’m not really sure. When the photos don’t show I have to delete them all and then save them on my actual hard drive and then upload them instead of just using a url address. It’s so weird why some photos show and others don’t. And when I visit the site, the photos are fine but others can’t see them! !

  10. mber says:

    Yey, I can see all the pics now! Thanks! And you’re right, he has a lot of lips (and butt!) for an Asian. Such an ‘overachiever’ Haha. Since I’m already resigned to a loss, I just surveyed the Rockets players and appreciated how much good looking they are compared to OKC players who are uhm not even cute. Thunder fans are lucky to see a bunch of gorgeous guys for a change 😛 Bitter, I know.

    • ksoranna says:

      Wait. .. you can see them now? ! But I didn’t even redo my post yet. .. so weird! ! And Lmao! Girl I think Durant is cute but you are right our rockets are so much better looking. .. even though okc fans were to busy jeering to notice. ..shame on them!!

      • GiaKiem says:

        I can’t see them yet K . Maybe I’ll try back tomorrow.:) Only us girls appreciate their beauty …hehehhe

      • GiaKiem says:

        I can’t see the pictures either K. I’ll come back tomorrow 🙂 The whole Rockets roster is hot. Only us girls know this secret, don’t let them Thunder fans know . 🙂

        • ksoranna says:

          they are still showing up fine when I log into WordPress. Maybe there is some type of glitch. If everyone is still having problems tomorrow then I will delete and re-upload them again. Is the post game interview working at least??

      • mber says:

        And the pics are not showing again! 😛 Must be a bug at WordPress. NVM, they’ll show up again. And you’re right, J does clean up nicely Harvard-style. Like if you didn’t know he plays bball, you’d think yeah Harvard LOL. And oh have you seen this Cisco is really like a big bro to J (“,)

  11. Rubielyn says:

    @AnnaK, it’s basketball and not “baketball” 🙂
    Btw, the video works 🙂

    • ksoranna says:

      LOL…it’s ok Rubieyln…us Lin Ladies can read each other’s minds. And yes legal court first and then basketball court lol. And thank goodness at least the video works…I don’t understand these pics sometimes!!

      • Rubielyn says:

        I am visiting this post for like 5x now hoping the pics will finally show because I am so sleepy right now hahahaha.
        Btw, AnnaK I am a year older subsriber of your wonderful blog 🙂
        It started last April 17. This #17 is really significant huh. LOL
        I am just thankful 😛

        • ksoranna says:

          wow…can you believe it’s been more than a year since I have started?! this was supposed to make my obsession go away…not make it WORSE!! and now i feel like I have turned yall as crazy as I am!!

      • mber says:

        It’s okay, Anna…Rubielyn isn’t turning into a nasty spelling n grammar police. LOL ‘Baketball’ sounds strange in our language as it means ‘Why ball?’ At least, you have a legal court, girl. Know what, I saw a video of you – the one where you’re in the news! That was January, I think but I forgot to tell you hahaa. Awesome!

        • Rubielyn says:

          “Baketball” LMAO!!!
          I also saw it in AnnaK’s fb timeline, she was tagged by her friends 🙂
          So proud of you girl for being so awesome and humble 🙂
          More power! 😛

        • ksoranna says:

          aww thanks ladies!! Now you know why I’ve been MIA off of this blog. And now you know why I live this secret fangirl life lmao. If only those folks I work with really know what I do with my free time hehe!!

  12. mber says:

    “awesome and humble” like JEREMY LIN you mean? 😛 The alpha and omega of all your sentences hahahaa

  13. mber says:

    Why does he do this to us?! Stop! Don’t stop! Faster! 😛

  14. J says:

    Hey people, it’s J here.
    I am still a die hard Jeremy Lin fan though I am just a little more quiet now than before :p
    Just sometimes, I miss some of the peeps I “met” here in this blog, how are you guys doing?
    Ken, ic, Turtlek, everyone… I miss you guys.

    • ksoranna says:

      Hey J!!! It is soo nice to still get a comment on this blog that is NOT spam! I miss you (and everyone else). I am still a die hard Jeremy fan and even though I don’t blog much anymore (I swear one of these days I’m gonna get back on it) I still follow all of his news happenings. I am very upset about the Rockets signing D. Howard and I’m scared that this means bad news for Jeremy, especially w/Asik already saying that he wants out. How do you feel about it??

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