Golden State Warriors v. Houston Rockets…and the Rockets with a loss :-(

Halftime Report: GSW 54 v. HOU 31

It’s been a while since I have been able to watch a game and find the time to report and when I started watching this game during the second quarter, I couldn’t help but cringe at the 41 vs. 27 score…and it only got worse as Curry and David Lee continued to put in baskets and as Delfino, Lin, and Parsons continued to miss theirs. Harden is the only Rockets with double points and even he has only 11 and it’s already halftime!! Curry is leading the GSW with 16pts. Lin does have 7pts and made a 3pter and he is the ONLY Rockets playing at 50% from the field at this time. Both Parsons and Asik have 4pts. They need to really get it together in the locker room and come back strong during the 2nd half…and they can definitely do it!! They have come back strong, like they did Friday against the Timberwolves, and they have played very well against the Warriors before…so no doubt in my mind that this game can still be a Win!! Stick with me, I will update this post after the game. 🙂

3rd Quarter: GSW 75 v. HOU 60

Well I don’t know what McHale said to his Rockets during the halftime break but whatever he said worked!! The Rockets came back strong during the 3rd quarter!! Lin made a 3! Harden made a 3 and at one point during the game the gap was closed to within 10pts.

Final Score: GSW 108 b. HOU 78

The beginning of the 4th quarter should have been called Delfino’s quarter. Delfino opened up the scoring with back to back 3s!! Both Delfino and Lin continued to play aggressively, but it wasn’t enough to close the lead that the Warriors made in the first half of the game. Commentators mentioned that Lin and Harden were the only players who were playing at their usual capacity and I am not sure what was causing their teammates to lag behind, especially Parsons, who barely made any baskets. Jeremy Lin was named Landry’s Rockets Player of the Game for his shooting and aggressive playing tonight. These past few games have really not been well for the Rockets and tonight was a very terrible loss…and I haven’t been keeping up with my boys as close as I usually do, but I don’t think there was a good excuse for being down almost 30 freaking points!! They started out very weak with missed baskets and even though they improved during the second half, it wasn’t good enough to win.

Top 5 Scorers:

  1. Harden: 21pts, 10rbds, 8asts
  2. Lin: 21pts, 1rbd, 4asts
  3. Delfino: 12pts, 1rbd, 1ast
  4. Parsons: 9pts, 7rbd, 2ast
  5. Asik: 6pts, 11rbds, 1ast

Video Highlights:


And this is just my random opinion…but this is the first game I really got to watch with Lin and his mouthguards and I just want to say, that I am not feeling that look on him!!

But I know, I know…I have to deal with it because I don’t want any of his pretty teeth to get knocked out or chipped again like last time. Now that would be an even more horrible look on him…sorry Cole Aldrich, you would be so much cuter with your two front teeth. 🙂

And…here is a video link of him trying to talk with his mouth guards in. Jeremy even says himself at the end of this video how he really can’t talk well and how the mouth guards are hurting him. (Thanks for the link Cath!!) I’m sorry but I couldn’t keep my eyes away from his lips, which look extra plump and juicy, but at the same time they were such a distraction that I had a hard time paying attention to his words…especially with him licking and pursing his lips. OMG…this video really is kinda hilarious to me!! LMAO!!

Ok…some other fans have brought to my attention that he is not struggling to talk with his mouth guard in, but that actually he is having trouble speaking because he busted his lip. Poor baby is always getting hurt!! Ok…ignore everything I just said about laughing at him…I would never want to hurt your feelings Jeremy!!


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42 Responses to Golden State Warriors v. Houston Rockets…and the Rockets with a loss :-(

  1. Rubielyn says:

    Hallo K!
    All I can say is that Congrats to Cath!! 😉

  2. Cath says:

    Oh K, you know me so well. Sigh, I am happy my Dubs stepped up their D but I did not want them to blow my Rox out of Toyota Center either. They could have won by 8 points and I will be happy. The same feelings as when my Rox blew my Dubs out of TC for 31 freakin’ points plus a record tie breaking 23 treys. Oh the joys of being a fan…of two freakin talented & high character teams!!! Ugh!

    • ksoranna says:

      @Cath…I still cannot believe the Rockets lost by almost 30pts and at a HOME game on top of that!!! And that’s exactly what I was thinking…that the Warriors were paying the Rockets back for that record breaking game!! At least both your teams are winning…imagine being a Bobcats fan. I can’t even watch some of their games…I just follow the play by plays on my phone and get upset lmao!

      • Cath says:

        @K, I could relate to you being a Bobcats fan. The Warriors haven’t been good for over a decade and still I was a fan of the bad, bad Warriors. Still attended the yucky games and ate the yucky food LOL. I stopped going to games after I had a my son. Priorities shifted. Like you all know, I’m a glutton for punishment, so I cheered them on through the bad. Now that they are better, I gotta cheer louder.

        Enter JLin. @Fauxy, I hear ya man. I do (LOL on supporting ONE player I hear that one too). I cannot NOT cheer him on. First he’s from a place I love dearly (I tend to be biased when it comes to that…you can ask Brady lol & you’re talking to a 49er fan) and an outstanding human being. Then he has a team that have played 2nd fiddle to a lot of superstars, now they are all emerging to be just as valuable as those superstars. How could you not cheer them on, a bunch of good looking, smart, overachievers they all are!!! Everyone loves an underdog. I am no different.

        • ksoranna says:

          @Cath…I really really hope that one day (hopefully soon) the Bobcats finally defeat the title of “worst team in the NBA”. I don’t know if they need a new owner who actually cares, or new coaches or new players or what, but at least they have strong fan support down in Charlotte either way…and maybe I will go to a game and they will actually win!! That would be the best highlight ever!

        • Cath says:

          K, where else can the Bobcats go? They are down now, there is nowhere else to go but up. It may take sometime but it will get there. Trust me. It took a decade or so for the Dubs.

        • ksoranna says:

          @Cath…I really hope it doesn’t take a decade for the Bobcats!!

    • How can you even support TWO teams?! You’re supposed to support only one player!
      Can you hear my sarcasm way over there, Cath? LMAO I can relate – remember?

      I am a bit mad at DLee for that moving screen he did on Lin at the 3rd.

  3. Cath says:

    I think he’s trying to break those mouthguard in because he didn’t take them off during an interview.

    • ksoranna says:

      @Cath…are u serious?! He had them in during an interview?! LMAO…please please send me the link to that…this I have to see!!

      • Cath says:

        Of course you can have the link. Share and share alike. Let’s see if this works:

        • ksoranna says:

          @Cath…OMG…why can I not stop laughing?! I can barely concentrate on what he is saying b/c he keeps licking and messing with his lips which look even more plump and juicy!! Just…hilarious this guy!!

        • Rubielyn says:

          And I can’t wait to see the video later.

        • ksoranna says:

          @Cath…are u sure his mouth guard is in or does it seem like that because this is when he busted his lips?? Now I feel bad for laughing at this video!!

        • Cath says:

          It was funny watching him struggle to speak through those mouthguard. He couldn’t wait to get the interview over with and the cameras & microphones out of his face.

        • Cath says:

          @K I am sure. I think he has mouthguard for both top and bottom. This interview is after the Minni game. His lips couldn’t have been hurt still from the Suns game no?

        • ksoranna says:

          @Cath…I am not sure but I was looking really hard and I can’t tell if he has them in or not and towards the end of the video he says his lips hurt or something??

        • Cath says:

          I believe it’s in, there is something shinny in his mouth. Check out Mrs. Lin’s postgame interview vid, he has nothing in his mouth. He speaks clearly there too.

          But he can keep licking his lips because…ummmm, well they look very nice, to put it mildly. Hehe.

        • ksoranna says:

          @Cath…is everything on him nice and plump and juicy????!!!!!

        • Cath says:

          @K, EVERYTHING about him is nice, plump and juicy. Spoken like I SERIOUSLY know this about him. But….I can dream. 😀

    • ic says:

      Cath and K, No, Jeremy did not leave the mouthguard in his mouth during interview. His lip was hit heavily by Dragic during the game vs Suns, it swelled and inflamed, and it hurts when talking. Jeremy said he could not speak like that way during interview because his lip swelled so badly. When wearing that mouthguard, it doubles that uncomfortable feeling. But I think he’s feeling much better in the game vs Warriors on Sunday, at least you saw that inflammation was gone.
      I guess his Dad and Mom will want him to use whatever protecting stuff, and that’s why he wears something inside his jersey to protect his ribs as he was hit and fell so often, and now using mouthguard to avoid injury on teeth and lips. Poor kid!

      • ksoranna says:

        @ic…hey how are you?! Another fan had told me it was his swollen lip also and that it wasn’t his mouth guard…it is hard to tell though. And it’s very obvious that he gets hurt in almost every other game, so I am glad he is now wearing a mouth guard and I guess he’s wearing some type of chest guard too.

        • ic says:

          These were busy days K, but I watched as many Rockets games as possible when in Taipei. you know we are lucky to be able to watch every Rockets game here, and there are TV reporters having stationed in Houston and followed Rockets on the road so they get first hand reports about the games and players.
          BTW, Jeremy wears mouth guard only when playing and he has not yet been accustomed to that thing so everytime on the court he took it out of his mouth, he looked painful to put it back (I guess he just wanted to wash to eliminate saliva on it). LOL
          I am happy today Rockets beat Jazz!

        • Rubielyn says:

          me too @ic..happy happy happy for the win!! 😉

        • ksoranna says:

          @ic…I am glad things have been well and busy for you these days and that you are still able to keep up with Jeremy’s games. And I think his mouth guard is too big for him or something b/c he always looks uncomfortable with it in and I think he handles it to much with his hands…which can mean more germs!!

  4. Mrs. Lin says:

    I heard ESPN added two more Rockets games in April. So excited I get to watch him play some more!

    • Cath says:

      This is very true Mrs. Lin, so yay for that!!! It’s become a common consensus among the majority that the Rockets are a very entertaining team to watch, that run and gun strategy is very exciting indeed.

  5. Mrs. Lin says:

    And here’s a video of the postgame interview it touches me to see him so worked up after a loss, even if it isn’t his fault. He definitely puts his heart into the game.

    • ksoranna says:

      Thanks for this video Mrs.Lin…I will update my post with this video and another article that’s kinda controversial. Even though Lin is trying to say positive things you can totally tell by his facial expression how upset he is over this loss.

  6. K you’re back! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I watched the first 2 quarters of the game. I’m supposed to send you this message via FB.. anyway, I found myself LOLing during first quarter, when Jeremy dropped his mouthguard on the floor, picked it up again, and stuffed it back in his mouth. 5-second rule doesn’t apply when you’re on the court hahaha. left before second quarter ended and with the way Bogut was ruling the paint and K. Thompson eating Harden alive, I am feeling uneasy already with the game, thinking this is a close one or a blow out. yeah, it was a blowout – by GSW. would have been nice if they won the game, with Mama Lin sitting behind the bench.

    • ksoranna says:

      @Michelle…yes I am back!! and do you all celebrate St. Patty’s day also?? and I hope Lin washed his mouth and his mouth guard good after he swallowed all those nasty courtside germs…just BIG EWWWW!! And I couldn’t help but to watch the rest of this game. I was like, either this is a blowout or a huge comeback. I was hoping for a huge comeback but unfortunately it was a blowout instead. There is a next time…

      • no we don’t 😦 some of the posters on the otehr thread were joking that the Rockets probably lose the game because they had an early St. Patrick’s Day drinking spree 😀

  7. ksoranna says:

    This article is kinda controversial but I think it does bring up some good points and it’s an interesting read IMO. I will add it to my post also.

    • Mrs. Lin says:

      Is it wrong to say that I pray (and yes PRAY!) that Houston somehow drops Jeremy? I had a feeling all along that this would turn to be a disaster, especially after they acquired Harden. I think he would be a great fit with the Clippers, or even another low profile team. A place where his team, coaches, and management are behind him 100% and have full faith in him. The way Houston is involving personal feelings is just wrong and not fair to him.

      • ksoranna says:

        @Mrs. Lin…you are not alone. I know a few other fans who pray that he goes to other teams, whether it’s the Lakers or Spurs, and now apparently the Clippers too. It’s hard for me to really understand b/c I don’t know the challenges of being a judge and finding a fit for all the new players in his team. I at least think there has been an improvement in Lin’s playing and freedom with ball movements, that wasn’t there before. When he first started playing for Houston, it was almost painful to watch. I’ve also heard that there is a clause in Lin’s contract which allows him to only be traded IF he agrees to the trade. So he has a way out of Houston if he really wants it.

        • Mrs Lin says:

          i can’t see him saying no to Cali lol. But yeah you’re right things are getting a wee bit better. Maybe around his third year they’ll have more trust in him

        • ksoranna says:

          @Mrs.Lin…I hope it doesn’t take the couches 3 yrs to get it together!! It hope it’s better when he starts next season!!

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