UPDATED Insider Report: Warriors vs. Rockets (from a Warriors’ fan’s point of view)

Report from Lin Lady: Cath

Thank you soo much for doing this for me and everyone else.

My gripe:
I hate that they do not allow lenses longer than 3 inches. I swear they measured my lens. Scared I’m going to sell my pictures to the highest bidder? Anyway, with 2 zoom capable cameras I was able to bring zero. Just the normal lens.

Heard from the bathroom:
Warriors announcers are still very happy for Jeremy saying that Houston is a better fit for him rather than New York. New York was a nice place to burst into the scene but Houston is where he can develop into the player that he can become. As is seen lately from his performance in a steady improvement and upward trajectory.

Heard from the stands:
“Man, there was no Linsanity today!” ~ Disappointed Warriors fan as he heads into the line to pile out. I am not sure if it was a conscious effort on JLin not to “overachieve” today and just play a solid game but the dude played hard, there was no question about it. People still expect “Linsanity”. News flash: It ain’t happening in Houston. Stop pressuring the guy and let him play and develop.

The Game:
Civil. Sluggish. Those two words say it all.
Is there a time difference between Houston, Texas and Oakland, California? Were they jet lagged? Did both teams party out too late and are all fatigued or hungover? I don’t know what happened to both teams, the Rockets’ normally fast paced offense seem to have been played in slow motion. I suppose I was expecting that the Warriors were going to come back with a vengeance, this being their home court and due to the turn of events of their last meeting. All the mischievous tweets back and forth were all bark and no bite. It’s not as if I was expecting a hockey-like brawl where dentures and mouthpieces come-a-flyin’ or anything but I guess I expected the Warriors to give the Rockets hell. They did pester them a little but the Rockets can hold their own. You pester, they pester back, like your pesky little sibling.

The first half was a wash with the Rockets trailing for the most part (not by much) by the end of the first half, it was tied at 49 points a piece.     Unfortunately for the Warriors, the Rockets gained momentum in the beginning of the third quarter and this was happening while I was outside waiting for my son to be delivered to me and dealing with a miscommunication with my husband. Don’t worry, there were no tempers flying just plain old funny misunderstanding when your seats are a floor apart. Needless to say, I missed the part where the Rockets not really blasted off, maybe made a push to lead the 2nd half by 9 points almost the entire time. The Warriors narrowed it down to 5 but the Rockets kept their pace. It was a nice solid game by the Rockets as a team but undeniably, Harden’s game was off. The knee was really bothering him. It was “turnoverpalooza” time. The shots he would normally make were not falling. He is not known as Mr. Butterfingers but tonight he was that. I mean, he’s Harden. NBA’s resident alien together with Lebron James & Kevin Durant with their crazy efficiency stats. But he did sink all of his FTs.

Some of the fouls on Lin also affected his knees where he would clutch it in a quick massage before shooting his FTs. The fans booed like he was acting, LOL. Sour grapes indeed. My friend and I just didn’t see the point of the booing then clapping right after, too much energy spent on two things that eventually negate each other. Boooo – Yayyyy!!! It may be that there were equal parts of Lin Only Fans and Warriors Fans. Maybe the cheers and the jeers are coming from the same exact people? The intensity of the boos and the yayyys were exactly the same. Jeremy played a very solid game, he had 14 points (8 coming from the FT line and one very nice lay up), 10 assist and zero TO. Yes, a double double friends and NO APPLE TURNOVERS.

I know that both teams needed this game, but this is what keeps me sane being a Warrior fan and a Jeremy Lin fan (no I am not a/an L-O-F). I am okay that the Warriors only lost by 9 and not 31. They have to realize there are holes in their games. They have to work on sealing those holes. If I can see it, I am sure they can too. I’m happy that Jeremy had a nice solid performance with 7 Rockets in double digit scores, plenty of assists to go around just means the team is rounding out nicely. I STILL BELIEVE is the Warriors motto but for the young Rockets, people are STARTING TO BELIEVE.

People were piling out even before the clock ran out so I couldn’t see if the “friends” hugged but I know Curry and Lin did. Camera not ready of course. Darn it!

As for the fangirl portion of this piece…I don’t think any team is as good looking as the Rockets!!! I do love Steph Curry, David Lee, Harrison Barnes, even Andris Biedrins has got a charm of his own but the Rockets are like the Rockstars of the NBA and I am a groupie LMAO. Again, never been a groupie for anyone or anything in all my life. There’s always a first.
My camera automatically gets set on burst mode when it’s not using the flash. I have a series of pictures I wish I could share with you especially when Jeremy and other teammates were stretching and warming up. If I keep my fingers on enter/return button of the computer and hold it down through the pictures on preview the series of pictures function just like a film/movie. I was amused and entertained but there are literally hundreds of pictures taken. Too many to share. I tried to take a picture of everyone but it’s impossible with people getting in and out of their seats every single time (annoying).

So here are some pictures I think are ogle-worthy:


CP bowing to what

CP bowing to what?

DelFINE-o in uniform

Del-FINE-o in uniform (and in action!!)


Donuts (and nice ones at that LOL)


From this angle, CP and JLin looked like they were tapping Mook's butt.

From this angle, CP and JLin looked like they were tapping Mook’s butt.

Get him!

Get Him!

get your foot off the line!!

Get your foot off the line!!

good friends forever

Best friends forever!

Harden the superstar

Harden the superstar

just look at this picture

just look at this picture (CP looks like he’s working his kegel muscles and JL is checking his own badunkadunk)

knee raises

knee raises

last time he was in the middle of thi...

the last time he was in the middle of this floor, Jeremy was a Warrior

leg raises

leg raises (wow he is really flexible!! I can’t even do that!!)

look at chandler's face LOL(look at CP’s face…he is giving someone the evil eye!)

more JLin of course

more JLin of course

more Omer the teddy bear

Omer the teddy bear

Omer Asik n Destroy

Omer Asik n Destroy

rockets shoot around

Rockets’ shoot around (and embedded in this pic, Cath wrote “There was a hug between Beverly and Lin mostly Beverly on Lin.”)

Rox fan in Oracle arena. There were a few that don Rocket Reds.

Rox fan in Oracle arena. There were a few that don Rocket Reds.

sooo many memes for this one

soo many memes for this one (LOL…what should this meme be??)



the bench

the Bench

the guards

the guards

There was a nice hug between JLin & Bev herethere was a nice hug between JLin and Bev here (actually it looks like CP reached back to hold JL’s hand lol)

***All these pics are courtesy of Cath and I have reprinted them with her permission! Even the photo captions are her original comments (unless they are in red, which are my own thoughts). Please credit her and this blog if you decide to repost them. Thank you in advance!!***


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38 Responses to UPDATED Insider Report: Warriors vs. Rockets (from a Warriors’ fan’s point of view)

  1. mber says:

    Thanks Cath and Anna for this. Pictures!!!

  2. Rubielyn says:

    Thanks mucho Cath and AnnaK!!!

  3. ksoranna says:

    Pics finally up!! @mber and @Rubielyn. Thank Cath…she did all the work!!

  4. Cath says:

    It’s no big deal. Anything for my lovely Lin Ladies. That’s all.

    • ksoranna says:

      that’s why we love you Cath!!

    • mber says:

      Cath! Love the photos, more?! (“,) Rockets look good, Omer looks young in your photos! I especially like the BFF pic of Steph and Jeremy.

      • Cath says:

        mber, I have a series of pictures from JLin while he was warming up, but they were basically the same thing. I couldn’t take a decent picture of the game in action, shutter was too slow, the players all look like blurrs. They move too fast for my camera. It’s ok when they are kind of jogging but when they start gunning the Nikon just gives up. I also think it would have worked better if I sat curbside LOL.

        • ksoranna says:

          LMAO!! can you imagine sitting curbside?! I would probably be too tempted to run into Jeremy’s lap while he was on the bench. I mean it’s not like they have guards to stop me LOL.

        • Cath says:

          @K, I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like for me sitting curbside. For one thing I’m coming home with an empty USB card. I’d be too star struck to be bothered with taking pictures. I’d be rendered useless LOL. Another thing, I’d be too busy wiping off the drool off my chin. I know, ewwwwwww! But that’s what will happen if I sat curbside watching the Dubs vs. Rox. SMDH!!!

        • ksoranna says:

          @cath…so if you are sitting curbside, I am guessing you are NOT bringing hubby LMAO!

        • Cath says:

          @K Unless he wants to be in charge of wiping my drool then it’s best he stay home LOL.

        • ksoranna says:

          OMG…LMFAO!! sorry that image was too much hehe!

      • Cath says:

        I wish I had a picture of that hug between Beverly and Lin. It was such a brotherly moment and I am banging my head on the wall for staring instead of having the presence of mind to turn on the camera and TAKE THE FRIGGIN’ PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cath says:

    @K, LMAO on the “badunkadunk”

    • ksoranna says:

      @Cath…you know Jeremy has that round, plump booty that I love. I wonder if he rubs his own ass to fall asleep at night??

      • Cath says:

        I know he does, but I love how you call it!

        • ksoranna says:

          @Cath…you know he has a fatty or you know that he likes to rub his butt to fall asleep?? I didn’t know whether mber had told you something that she didn’t tell me LOL!

        • mber says:

          Yes, I rub Jeremy’s badunkadunk so he can fall asleep!
          What the hell, ladies I don’t even share a continent with him how would I know?! Hahaha.

        • Cath says:

          Hahaha @K I know that he has a round, plump booty. No, mber hasn’t told me anything you have not heard before. I know what you know, but Ms. Super Sleuth over there knows more that both of us combined LOL.

        • Cath says:

          @mber But your power knows no boundaries whether you share a continent or not. I am in awe of your powers LOL.

        • ksoranna says:

          LMAO!! @mber…continental boundaries have never stopped you before!! and does his trainer have to rub his muscles, including his butt?? If so…I may really apply for that job!!

  6. FINALLY read it! I am jealous!
    Thanks, Cath.

  7. ic says:

    Great photos and report by Cath! Thank you a million!Thank you K for the post!
    We have a 9-day Chinese New Year holidays here. Just returned home.
    You may see that all NBA players wear red shirts with a snake sign and “Year of the Snake” in Chinese.
    News say that Rockets and Pacers will come to Taipei for their warm up game the coming Fall and Rockets will have another warm up game with Lakers in China.
    Jeremy also said he will come to Asia in the Summer. That’s awesome!
    But I wonder if Jeremy will have time to work on his weakness during off season. He need to improve as soon ad possible.

  8. Rubielyn says:

    OH YES! We WON against OKC!!!

    • ksoranna says:

      @Rubielyn….I missed the game but I really thought they were about to lose again. … and out of nowhere Harden and Lin made 3s and nxt thing I know. ..they freaking won! ! It’s unpredictable outcomes like that which makes me love basketball!

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