Jeremy’s KFC Photo Shoot and More Photos From Volvo Shoot

UPDATES (provided by ic):

Jeremy has arrived in Guanzou and will head to Dongguan next.


Jeremy singed 2-year contract and becomes Kentucky Fried Chicken (China) basketball ambassador:
According to the report, Jeremy is not going to promote fried chicken but cooperating with Kentucky for sponsoring basketball movement in China. Owner of Kentucky China also explained that Jeremy’s endorsement is nothing to do with the food. Jeremy has shot Kentucky commercials that will be broadcast on major TVs in October. When being asked if he felt bothered that many reporters asked him to answer questions in Chinese, Jeremy said he was not bothered but just hoped that people understood what he was talking about in Chinese language. Jeremy was also asked to comment on PRC man basketball team that lost every game in the Olympics. Jeremy was nice to say that it’s not appropriate to judge a team just according to several games, that he believed all players had done their best. “All successes start from solid basic training” Jeremy said, and that’s the reason he came to China for basketball promotion. Then again Jeremy was asked the same old question that if it’s possible someday that he would play for PRC man basketball team. Jeremy said it was difficult to answer as the time to consider this issue has not yet come. He said he will have a better answer when the opportunity is there.

Videos from the KFC Press Conference and Photo Shoot: (The first 3 videos look like they are the same, but they are not. Jeremy talks about different things in each one. And can someone tell me what he is saying in Chinese in the 3rd video, please?? :-))


Thank you, thank you, and thank you to whoever put this last video together!! This is the 2nd video I’ve seen where they just focus on his photo shoot…they must be marketing this for the fangirls b/c we love it!!! Look at those shiny, glistening arms at 00:18 and just pause it right at 00:33…another headless Jeremy with sexy arms *whew*!! And 00:42…who is she and how did she get lucky enough to rub baby oil on his arms?! Like how many good deeds did she have to do to get that privilege?!?! *red with jealousy*

Pics from the KFC Press Conference: (this face!!!)

Extras from the China Talent Show and VOLVO shoot:

The second pic from the left is my favorite!!! That side lean with his hands in his pockets and that shy smile is soo cute…I just want to put him in my back pocket and pinch his cheeks!!

Haha! This face is just too laughable!

The 1st pic is my favorite out of these three. It’s like he’s eyeing someone from across the room (I wish it was me!!).


If you look at Jeremy’s older photo shoots and then compare them to his recent ones, there is definitely a difference in the way he carries himself. Based on his earlier pics, I never would have thought that he could model, but looking at these…he has so much confidence, he can sell anything…from a suit to a leather bag! I don’t even know what to say anymore about all these pics. It’s like the same adjectives over and over again…sexy, too hot to handle, sharp, yummy, full of swag, steamy, supernova, heart pumping, panties dropping, lust inducing…ok, you get the point. Just wow!!!

Goodnight from NC! (Jeremy waving bye :-))


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113 Responses to Jeremy’s KFC Photo Shoot and More Photos From Volvo Shoot

  1. cavettij says:

    Good night, Hon.
    Couple of pictures dropped out; (I wish it was me), then 2 good ones, then one dropped, then 3 good ones, then last one dropped.
    Right about his posing, he’s getting better at everything. I wish you would stop with the crotch shots! Now you’ve got me checking him out and that’s very embarrassing.

    • penny says:

      the photographer just know what we ladies shame in checking another man out it just means you’re confident enough in your own..not all men can say that..

      • John Cavetti says:

        Thank you for your reassurance. Now I remember how it goes:

        Guy walked into a,…uhhh…House of Ill Repute (?)…and dropped his pants. All the girls started laughing. “Who do you think you’re going to take care of with that?” they laughed. “Me,” he said.

    • ksoranna says:

      LMAO!! are the pics not showing up again?!…ugh!! and the crotch shots are not for you Ken lol so you can just ignore those…or just don’t admit to checking out his crotch if it’s too embarrassing haha!

  2. penny says:

    such a tease that one..smh…that face that face!!! gggrrrr

    • ksoranna says:

      more than just the face now…that body too!!! and that suit!! and those arms oiled up like KFC itself…damn, that boy could advertise for chicken grease!

  3. ic says:

    K, what Jeremy said in Chinese in the third video is “I have made some progress in speaking Mandarin, but not much”.

  4. mlin says:

    God, this guy…just smh…

  5. ic says:

    Jeremy Lin in Guangzou promoting VOLVO car in a shopping mall.

    There is the kid saying that Jeremy is tall and handsom, and he feels his eyes look like Jeremy’s. Jeremy then leans to him to compare their eyes. LOL Jeremy signs for the kid and gives him a hug. He then introduces the VOLVO car to the fans. He can be a great salesman!

    • mlin says:

      “He’s tall & he’s handsome.”

    • Cath says:

      This guy!!! He knows exactly the way to a woman’s heart. What woman could resists a man who is a natural with kids?! And that smile, that face, WTH!!! No kidding he can sell me the shirt off his back. Now that I think it, I’ll buy all his shirts if it means I can oogle his abs.

      • ksoranna says:

        @Cath…seeing Jeremy with kids turns me on more than seeing him shirtless!! That must be why he is playing with kids…he must know how it tortures us so!

    • ksoranna says:

      @ic…”[the kid] feels his eyes look like Jeremy’s. Jeremy then leans to him to compare their eyes.”

      That part just really touched me. This my friends is why I am soo thankful that Jeremy has finally put an Asian male on the world map…so that Asian kids have someone to look up to, that has eyes the same shape as theirs.

  6. hyca7316 says:

    there is video on youku ( subject: 撞见林书豪 (meeting JLin) 44 minutes long, and can only be viewed within mainland China.
    Can any of you view it? Is it possible for you to upload here?

  7. ic says:

    No, cannot run the video here (Taipei).

  8. mlin says:


    [0:36 What every freaking girl is waiting for]

    • Cath says:

      That wasn’t his body was it? Looked photoshopped! I should be happy Only if it’s his real body. I know, I know, demanding. Lol!

      • mlin says:

        [I’d die if he does a CK ad, oh God please…]

        [I never knew I’m the jealous type, haha, but…]

      • Cath says:

        I’m not the jealous type either but that picture of him looking at one of the girls who brought his bday cake out made me a little…you know…just a tinnie, tiny bit. 😀

      • J says:

        I said exactly the same when I saw that pic! I was like “who is he looking at?” and I also have to admit she looks kinda cute… birthday cake girl is not his type tho
        this thought make me realized I have that tiny little very slightly jealousy… lol, for a guy that don’t know I exist! DAMN!

      • Cath says:

        You and me both, J, you and me. SMH. The person you become when you’re a Jeremy Lin Addict 😀

    • ksoranna says:

      Is it sad to admit that I watch this video on silent…and I just stare at the photo slide show like a 13 year old girl and 1:13….that booty!!! *sigh*. And if he did a CK underwear ad, I would blow that pic up and it would go on my bedroom wall. I would be hopeless for real after that.

  9. ksoranna says:

    Everyone…..thanks so much for the video and pic links!!! I will be using some of them on my next blog. 🙂

  10. ic says:

    FYI. Rockets will meet Thunder in the first warm-up game of the new season on Oct 11. Heats and Clippers will go to Beijing and Shanghai to have their first two warm-up games in mid October. By now there are about 10 NBA players in China promoting products they endorse or attending basketball related activities, including Kobe who looked really enjoying being there. All NBA teams want to have some activities in Beijing and Shanghai so they can have better exposure in that huge market. That’s why VOLVO arranged Jeremy’s visit in the top three mega cities.

    • Penny says:

      I saw the Kobe video and they love him there. So many people showed up to see him. With a billion people there the market is big enough for a lot of players

      • ic says:

        The main reason there were so many people was because Jay Chou joined Kobe there. If you don’t know Jay Chou, he is calld Asia King who is a very famous and talented Taiwanese singer. His solo vocal concert in China can easily attract more than 70,000 fans. He also joined a Hollywood movie The Green Hornet. He and Kobe have shot commercials together.

  11. ic says:

    Jeremy Lin Tribute – Oversized Kid

  12. ic says:

    Jeremy Lin Dongguan basketball camp opening (pics)

    According to report it took 3 months to pick up the 80 young players in 8 cities for the camp.
    Jeremy talked in the opening about himself that he has been working on left hand skill. He said he has lost some weight but become stronger and that he has been working on strengthening his legs in order to alleviate burden on the knees. He will do his best to keep healthy and he has daily hardwork on shooting, dribbling and breakrhrough especially the left attacking. Jeremy regretted that Rockets failed to get either Howard or Bynum, but he will concentrate on his training to enhance his skill and help the team win.
    As to his booming fame, Jeremy thinks there are both advantage and disadvantage. He can rely on the advantage to hold basketball camp to help young players while the disadvantage makes him lose some privacy, and he needs time to adjust.
    The camp will continue for 4 days, and Jeremy will leave for Hong Kong on Aug 23rd for endorsement activity and evangelic gathering.

    • cavettij says:

      ic, It looks like he has Kenny Atkinson in china with him. Loyal….

      • Cath says:

        @cavettij OMG! You’re right! That is Kenny Atkinson. I wonder if he’s with Jeremy this off season to finish up his training because come Training Camp he will be the player development coach for the Hawks. I wished that Houston tried harder to get him, they just lost their assistant coach to Orlando. Atkinson would have loved working with the young Rockets.

      • J says:

        Ken, and we know why Kenny Aykinson would travel with Jeremy.
        Jeremy can really keep the man around him with him, his invisible influence.

      • ic says:

        Oh yes, I think Kenny is the one who was said by the Knicks to have dinner with Jeremy “celebrating” that Rockets’ offer. News here says he is to leave Knicks and join Hawks because he is unhappy with what Knicks did to Jeremy. Jeremy spoke highly of him and appreciated the huge assistance he rendered. I guess he will follow Jeremy to Taipei next week. We call anyone who is kind to Jeremy “friend of Taiwan”. Kenny has been the one for sure.

      • cavettij says:

        Now that tics me off! there’s not a team in the NBA that needs a ‘player development coach’ more than the Rockets, they lose an assistant coach, and don’t pick up Atkinson…! ….As an aside: NFL Colts QB Luck brought his left tackle from college with him when he signed with the Colts and the Rockets can’t do JL the courtesy…..!

      • ic says:

        Jeremy is too young and inexperienced and humble that he might not even think he could ask to bring somebody with him to Rockets. I wonder if Jeremy, after all his Asia trip, can hire someone special to give him a short-term training like Amare did from Hakeem Olajuwon?

      • cavettij says:

        If you see that vid of jeremy running around the chairs with a guy blocking him? That’s kenny and i think some of those training vid’s were shot this summer. I don’t know…but I think Kenny has been with him a lot of the summer working on different things. I think Kenny has been working for him (employee) as a trainer.

      • Cath says:

        @cavettij At the time Atkinson news of leaving Knicks and accepting a job with the Hawks, the Rockets had all their coaching staff. They lost Gunning a few days after the Dwight Howard deal fell through. By that time news of Atkinson to the Hawks was a few weeks old. I am sure that if the Rockets came calling he’d think hard about it. His first stint as an NBA coach was with the Rockets.

        Atkinson and Doc Scheppler look alike. They confuse me at times. I thought Jeremy said he was bringing his shooting coach and his trainer…if that’s not Atkinson, it could be Scheppler.

  13. ic says:

    Check out this short video if you have never watched it. In the game against Bulls Jeremy blocked Rose (and stole the ball). When I last watched the video I had a question. When Rose was attacking the basket, there were two big guys (including Tyson) standing in front of him. My question is why the big guy did not even try to block him but instead let Jeremy did that from behind of Rose? Is Rose that scary that no one dares to block him (stop him)? If that’s the case why Jeremy did? This is one Jeremy’s most precious qualities: fearless!

    • cavettij says:

      IC, I don’t know if this is true but I think a lot of the things we see him do are because he is smarter than the people around him. I think he is thinking of things to do ‘faster’ than they can figure out what is going on. I don’t think they had made any decision about Rose even though Jeremy had already developed two or three different attacks. I like to think that because I’m smart and so are the Linbabies.

      • Yeah… I can’t even disagree with you there, Cav. LOL

        It still blows my mind sometimes that this “community” – yes, we are a community, Ladies AND Gentleman – has so much “brains” in it. WOW…
        I love it! See what kid of people Jeremy gathers. 😉

      • ic says:

        But again, Tyson has been in NBA for about 10 years I think, and he is a star now, He should have reacted in time, with his experience, to block Rose. That’s supposed to be a natuaral reaction of a pro NBA player. If Jeremy reacts much too quickly than the other vets, I begin to worry how his young Rockets teammates be able to team up with him?

      • cavettij says:

        IC: If you remember, (I watched a lot of film) when he first took over people wondered how this bench could possibly play together. Here’s how he did it: He brought the ball down the floor, then he didn’t do anything until everyone got into their place. (You could see them looking around, then move over or center themselves..including Tyson) Then, for just a second, every eye was on him, thennn…he would start the play. He trained them every game. Lin rules: if you block the shot, rebound, or steal the ball, you get the shot. If you’re hot, you get the ball,…etc. Pretty soon, he had a team around him because he had rules, everybody knew the rules, and they were fair. Many times I’ve seen him pass the ball to two different people who shot and missed, then,…he took the shot himself. The young rockets team are good players -Parsons scored 40 points in summer league, in Vegas they won 4 out of 5 games- they are *all* hotshots looking for a chance. Nobody, nobody, nobody can make them more of a team than Jeremy.

      • Cath says:

        It’s a fact, people want to play with Jeremy because it’s fun. They know that when he’s on the floor, everyone will get their turn. At one point there were 7 players in double digits, in one game. There are only 5 players on the floor at one time. Jeremy helps fill their stat sheet. When he is on the floor, he gives the game 100% heart and soul, if you don’t put as much effort, then it’s on you.

        When he’s on the floor, it was raining threes. Before him it was, who’s Novak? Walker looked like he was on his last leg before Jeremy infused them with a dose of energized basketball. Tyson Chandler looked like the champion that he is, no one could ignore Jeffries’ efforts. And Landry of last year was back in tiptop shape. Everyone looked good with him on the floor. Who would have thought that the elixir to their ailments laid at the end of the bench, almost cut for a third time.

        Oh baby, the places you will go. Ohhhhh all the alley-oops!

        Ok, stopping now, got carried away….just a tad.

      • cavettij says:

        @Cath…re: 7 players in double figures

        Knicks-Hawks at 5:46 Jeremy scores and announcer says “Nine players have played and all have scored…….Lin is high scorer for knicks with 11 points” meaning…score is 52 to 30 so 9 Knicks have scored, they are ahead 20 points, and no one is in double figures until Jeremy scores with 11….team work
        Don’t know Doc. Sheppler but picture is not absolute.

      • Cath says:

        That could be the Mackayla Moroney emoticon haha.
        This is Doc Scheppler:

      • cavettij says:

        Good heavens! They could be brothers!

      • ic says:

        Cav, you did encourage me! That reminds me of the smart game of Jeremy against King on Feb 15. Hope Jeremy to replicate all the fun in Rockets.

    • J says:

      This block is my all time favourite! 😀

    • Cath says:

      I apologize for that. My first attempt to include a link is a total FAIL. Never to be repeated. I promise. 😀

  14. cavettij says:

    fauxy, Total aside: Sign on a restroom wall of the Playboy club in Boston, below some obscene sexual reference with virtually every word missspelled: “They also lust, who cannot spell.”

  15. hyca7316 says:

    The person sat next to JLin should be Doc Scheppler (this is Doc –, not Atkinson.
    here is another link from tabloid-sauce (on JLin fan site, with more pictures in his training camp.

    • cavettij says:

      You know Jeremy has two videos on uTube: A Day in the Life & Offseason.
      I didn’t know anything about Doc Sheppler until you guys told me. Now Idon’t know who he is working with in the workouts shown in ‘Offseason’. Can you tell?

      • hyca7316 says:

        it’s Atkinson in this “A Day in the Life & Offseason” video, most likely this was taped before the whole free agency saga.

      • Cath says:

        The guy in Knick orange shirt chasing Lin around with those foam things is Atkinson. the guy in green shirt, white shorts (1:19) during shooting practice is Doc Scheppler. They confuse me all the time.

      • cavettij says:

        Thank you both a bunch. As I’m researching Doc Scheppler, I’m sure I’m finding things you already know, however due to some comments about ‘short Asian girls’, I found sometthing funny.
        Interview No.1:
        “We are honored and privileged to be able to interview Doc Scheppler, Jeremy’s shooting coach. Doc is a coaching genius, who has led the Pinewood High School Girls team to five Div V California State titles. His team last year won the state title, with 5 players off of that team now playing at the Division 1 level. Here is part one of our interview in which Doc shares some amazing insights and incredible detail on Jeremy and his game.”
        Interview No.2:
        “Ironically, Doc’s Pinewood High School Girls won last night in the first round of the Norcal Div. V playoffs, led by a-* 5’0″,- Freshman,- Asian-American- point guard*.”
        Interview No. 3:
        “This is the last part of our incredible interview with Jeremy’s shooting coach Doc Scheppler. His Pinewood HS girls team won their 2nd round NorCal State playoff game tonight at Hamilton near Chico. They defeated the previously 30-0 Hamilton by 10 points, while hitting 11 three pointers. Congrats to Coach Doc and his girls”

        Don’t mess with 5’0″ Asian-American Women….!
        Love you, Guys

      • cavettij says:

        Cath & hyca,
        Regarding JL’s arm: Apparently Doc is traveling with him so this (part of the interview) would be part of his day after all the other things of which we are aware!

        Reebok: During the off-season, does JLin have a quota on the number of 3 point shots per day to work on? How about free-throws?
        Doc: It wasn’t a set number it was more the quality of the workout… We wanted to master all the shooting situations. At the end of the day it ended up being around 500 shots… Free throws combined… This summer with his shot already established, we’ll tackle more these situations more…. and hopefully make these shots a part of his game that he reactively performs..

        Good night, love you

  16. ic says:

    Ladies, the Chinese Valentine’s Day (Chinese lunar calendar July 7) this year happens to fall on August 23 – Jeremy’s birthday! I got the following link to match the coincidence:
    Jeremy Lin Tribute – Adorable

    • cavettij says:

      Absolutely too much! If he turns water into wine I’m going to buy a white robe.

    • ksoranna says:

      that is a coincidence ic!!! but i LOVE this video…one of my favs!

      • cavettij says:

        K, ic,
        Even the comments are saying that he’s doing more for them than the Chinese basketball team…..!

        ” he did more than add a Chinese basketball team role, meaning more far-reaching, and lay a solid foundation for Chinese basketball, high quality young talent, well-intentioned ah! —- Yes intentioned!
        Report | 2012-8-21 07:02 Reply
        Zouyun Liang Min :
        2012-8-21 07:46 Reply
        koenigii : “Now he has done more than a member of the Chinese basketball team role bigger” -> You speak very good!”

      • cavettij says:

        K, Are you home for the day? I’m beginning to think your Law Practice is cutting into your Jeremy Lin time.

        • ksoranna says:

          LOL…Ken…omg! You know me soo well. I was just venting about how over whelmed I am right now!! My legal work and my advocacy are both cutting into my Jeremy Lin time!! (ugh…go away real life responsibilities!!) But I’m working it out lol. Working on my post right now!

      • cavettij says:

        I know you’re working too hard and I know that we are the beneficiaries. but you also know, if there’s anyway we can help, we would and we/they (ic & J) are.
        For myself, I’m thinking about one of the Magic Gloves? I could massage your feet after a long hard day?

        • ksoranna says:

          you all have helped me soo much already! Providing such great video links and pic links have really made it so much less time consuming for me to search the internet!

  17. Turtlek says:

    Totally random but the company my dad works for used to own Volvo and he had this blue Volvo shirt like that just without the stuff on the right. In other words…. JLin reminds me of my dad in the pics 😄

    • John Cavetti says:

      My Dad had a blue work shirt, faded from perspiration and too many washings. When we had blueberry cobbler, us kids would add just the right amount of milk to make our blueberrys the same color as dad’s shirt.

    • ksoranna says:

      omg…I LOL’d @turtlek’s comment and then I LOL’d even harder @ Ken’s comment. you all really do make may day/night! and turtlek…you must have a very handsome father 🙂

  18. Pingback: Chapter 8 – Sports | Great Wall of Numbers

  19. livescore says:

    Thank you for video.

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