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2013 was a year of ups and downs for me; a year of blessings; and a year of lessons. I am so ready for 2014 to begin and the adventures that I hope come with it. For all my long time readers, thank you so much for the laughs and the Jeremy Lin memories. May 2014 be a wonderful beginning for each and every one of you!!



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Insider Report: Jeremy Lin in Manila in 1st Preseason Game

Hello Lin Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been so MIA, I don’t even know if anyone is still reading this blog anymore. Blogging about Jeremy Lin used to be a nightly thing for me but then I had to face real life responsibilities and just like any other writing gig…once you fall off, it’s harder to get back on. Just know that even though I’m not blogging like I used to, that I am still a hardcore Jeremy Lin fan and I miss all of my devoted readers and the conversations that stemmed from this blog.

First things first….I am sending prayers to everyone out in the Philippines. For those that don’t know, there was a magnitude 7.1 earthquake that hit the central Philippines Tuesday and as of today, CNN reports the death toll at 144 people. I have so many readers from that area and I hope everyone is safe and their families and friends are ok.

I am breaking my blogging fast to deliver an “Insider Report” from a dear Lin Lady. You gals are everywhere….you are like my eyes and ears and I am always amazed at the news and pictures you all are willing to share with me from around the world. I LOVE our little global village!! 🙂

I would like everyone to “meet” Lin Lady, Michelle. Some of you may be familiar with her already through her tumblr account: http://isabelijane.tumblr.com/ and twitter account: https://twitter.com/IsabeliJane. She attended the preseason game in Manila, where the Rockets beat the Pacers 116-96, and she was sweet enough to share her insights, pictures and videos through my blog.

DISCLAIMER: These statements are direct quotes from Michelle and do not necessarily reflect my thoughts. These pictures and videos are owned by Michelle and she worked hard for them, so please do not steal them….please credit her for all reposts and any sharing of her pics and video!!!

Her NBA Preseason Game Experience (this passage is a direct quote):

Day 1, Wednesday – “Hi Sir, I won’t be coming in today. I have an emergency to attend to. I will talk to Human Resources about this. Thanks.” That’s the early text message I sent my boss. Yes, I have an “emergency” I have to attend to.

Armed with my camera, I went to Sofitel Philippine Plaza around 11 AM. The “emergency” goes by the name Jeremy Lin. As I checked, he’s still in practice. Perfect. I will be going around Sofitel to find a nice spot where I can take that perfect picture of him, and WITH him. I’m familiar with the hotel; every year our company holds the corporate dinner at Sofitel Tent and I’ve checked in several times here. I picked the bench next to the Snaps Sports Bar (sports bar near the lobby). It gives a great visual of who comes in to the lobby and who goes up from Spiral Buffet (restaurant located at lower ground).

Around 1, I already saw my “emergency”. What I didn’t expect though was the security got tighter, especially around superstars – Jeremy, Dwight Howard, Paul George, and James Harden. Jeremy has the tightest security. Heck, the head of NBA Security is with him. How tight? Well I can’t even go a mere 20 feet near him. Jeremy went up to his hotel room to change from his sweaty workout clothes, rested a bit, showered, then changed to his blue plaid shirt and jeans for an interview in a room located at the lower ground. I positioned myself near the elevator where I know he will go down. Again, the pesky bouncers asked me to move away. One of his local bouncers though, came up to me and said in a lower voice, “he has another interview in Greenhills (a popular shopping complex in Metro Manila). He will be coming back in his room in an hour to change his clothes again. Wait for him at the taxi line so you can get a good view. He’s staying at 9th floor with heavy security” then walked away.

While waiting, I saw a good bunch of players milling casually in the lobby. This was a good timing for me too, because I got to observe how they behave off court (see below). After an hour, I spotted Jeremy at the escalator on his way to his hotel room. The local bouncer looked me in the eye and said, “I will signal once he’s going down. Stay put there. When I signal, move to the taxi line”. After another hour, Jeremy, now in basketball shorts and grey tank top, came out of the hotel elevators. I made a mad dash outside in the taxi line. I was trying to get near him when, for the second time, the pesky bouncers asked me to move again! Arrgh! The only fortunate thing: he was less than 20 feet away and he smiled at me. I think I was starstruck with that smile, I forgot about my camera! I was able to take only a picture of his back! With nothing to stop me, I decided to stay at the hotel until night. To pass time I talked to other basketball fans at the lobby. We waited until the players came down from their rooms to attend the NBA dinner night. The security got tighter because there are a lot of people at the lobby, waiting to take a glimpse and photo ops with the Rockets and Pacers. Jeremy’s bouncer went up to me and said, ”Jeremy’s stuck in traffic in EDSA (major highway in Metro Manila). He will be changing his clothes real quick. Go down the escalator. He will pass by there. I will signal you once he goes down” I nodded. After another 30 minutes, the local bouncer, from across the lobby, looked me in the eye and pointed down. I made a mad dash to the escalator. People were screaming, “Jeremy! Jeremy!” but the security was holding them off. True enough he went by the escalator. Wow he looks sexy in his blue polo shirt and black pants. I think this is the closest Jeremy shot I got. The NBA dinner was done in an hour. NBA players and management were starting to go back to their hotel rooms. This was another opportunity for me to observe the players off court, and had photo ops with some players. I could say my day didn’t go well, but I still looked at the positive side of things. I’ll try again tomorrow morning, before game time.

walking to taxi going to elevator after NBA dinner after NBA dinner2

Day 2, Thursday morning 10 AM, game time – There weren’t many fans around. I took my spot near the Snaps Sports Bar. Another local bouncer came up to me and said, “They’ll be going straight to the airport after the game.” Yikes! But honestly, it was a good day for me. I got more photo ops with other players, Pacers’ Coach Frank Vogel, and NBA Commissioner David Stern (who requested NOT to have any security/bouncers follow him around the hotel), as the security wasn’t that much tight because the NBA security head is out (Rockets were practicing that morning so Mr. Chokehold NBA Security Head is at the Arena with them). When the Rockets came back from practice, as usual security got tighter again. They put a velvet rope in the lobby. Sheesh, so I really have to settle for game time. Still, I was excited to see Jeremy play live. (BTW, I shared a cab with Evan, the NBA media guy in charge of posting in NBA’s social media accounts. I met him in the taxi line. Real nice guy!)

Game time – I was ushered in to the VIP lounge of Arena to find my seat. As of writing, I felt really blessed about the seat I got. I was literally 3 seats away from court side, on a platform. I can see above the rim and players are within earshot (more on that later).Yay! I could hardly sit still. Game time! I was cheering “Go Jeremy! Go Jeremy go!!!” on top of my lungs.

tickets game warmup warmup3 warmup2 game2 game4 game3

Overall, while Jeremy and I didn’t get to take a picture together, I am still blessed that I got to see him play live. Blessings come in different forms, and I shouldn’t second guess the Provider, right Anna? (right Michelle…never second guess at the intentions and blessings of the Provider 🙂 )

Observations both on and off the court, of Jeremy and other players:

1. As usual, Harden is going for the “dribble-drive-kick/initiate contact-pray refs call it as foul” kind of play. Even Paul George went “what!?!?!?!” to the refs about it.

2. Dwight was booed when he went to the free throw line. Not sure if it was heard during broadcast. I smelled frustrated Lakers fans.

3. Jeremy observes the NBA refs unfair treatment of him. I was out of earshot, but based on lip reading he said “how can that be a foul?” If I remember correctly it was his third or fourth foul.

4. Jeremy is a vocal PG who calls out his team mates. Beverley is a “yes man” to Harden. Dwight is somehow a “yes man” to Harden too. During first quarter, I saw Dwight asking for the ball, Harden ignored him. I’m not sure though if it was a play called by McHale or Harden. Also based on my observation, while both Harden and Beverley calls for plays, its Harden’s calls the team follows.

5. Jeremy is really quick. He is even quicker than Beverley and his movements are more streamlined and graceful than Beverley’s. Writers say that Jeremy’s strength is his offense, while Patrick his defense. I DISAGREE. Defensively, Jeremy is way better then Beverley. His man to man defense is more effective. Beverley is a pesky man to man defender because he moves a LOT in defense – side steps, knee jerking, arm flailing and he is shameless to come too close to his opponent to throw him off and poke the ball in opponent’s face, which leads to fouls. While Jeremy comes not too far but not too close (a good one to two steps distance) against his opponent and tries to pickpocket the ball behind (seen him done this several times).

6. Off court the big guys have this grouping: Asik, DMo, and Greg Smith in one side; Dwight, T.Jones with Harden and Beverley in another. At the hotel as well as during shoot around, I didn’t see Asik and Howard talk or say “hey” to each other. Asik seems to be keeping a distance from the rest of the team. I saw them standing by the team bus and while the rest are gathered in a huddle, he kept distance. I saw Jeremy hang out with Parsons, Cisco, D-Mo and Asik more than Dwight and company.

7. When Jeremy played with Harden, he was quiet and just went to the corner 3 spot.

8. Off court, Euro players tend to be the shy ones. I was standing near the escalator and Casspi went to the concierge. I smiled at him and said, “hi Casspi can we have a photo together?” He smiled this big smile and was taking a step back and forth that he looks so hesitant; it made me think “did he understand me?” As he started walking towards me this bouncer whisked him off. He looked back. I just gave him the thumbs up sign. Asik smiles a lot.

9. I could hear how the Pacers are respecting David West who was the floor leader that game. Whenever he shouts “go down!”,”right,right!!!”, “in!!!” the rest of the Pacers moves according to the play. I observed that the first unit (Harden as floor leader) both Beverley and Harden are shouting plays but the rest of the players are moving in different directions which made me go “what are they planning to do?” A lot of times, Harden and Bev are shouting plays, then Harden will just go with the “dribble-drive-kick to initiate contact-pray it’ll be a foul” play. Looks to me that whatever play Harden is calling for, the rest follow. Whereas with the Rockets second unit, Jeremy was shouting, “go down!”, “roll!”, “inside out!” the other Rockets, especially D-Mo and Casspi, scramble to follow. You could easily tell they’re following the play Jeremy calls for.

10. Jeremy is a big sleeper. One of his local bouncers said “he is the only player left.. His gf (actually referring to Patricia the sister-in-law lol) said he is still sleeping.” This is already past 5:30 PM and the game will start at 7. Good thing the hotel is only 15-20 minutes away from the Arena. Parsons waited for him to wake up so they can leave the hotel together.

11. Jeremy and his family are generous. His bouncer said that they gave him t-shirts as token of appreciation for his service. I talked to this other local bouncer whose family in Florida is a family friend of the Parsons. He told me Chandler is big goofball and teases Jeremy mercilessly about lots of stuff.

12. McHale is one big scary guy. I saw him at the concierge with Larry Bird. While they’re both huge, Bird doesn’t come off as scary while McHale looks like he will pound you to death if you breathe beside him. I was hanging out with this guy who likes collecting basketball cards. He got to ask Bird to sign his card, but wasn’t able to with Mc because, “he looks scary”. lol

13. Early into the game, Frank Vogel (Pacers head coach) was relatively calm calling out plays from the sidelines. Second and third quarters with Jeremy leading the 2nd unit he was practically screaming on top of his lungs at his players, I could hear him from the other side of the court.

Pics with the Players:

Cisco Garcia

cisco garcia

Daryl Morey
Daryl Morey

David SternDavid Stern

Donatas Motiejunasdonatas motiejunas

Frank Vogelfrank vogel

Greg Smithgreg smith

Ian Mahinmi and George Hillian mahinmi and george hill

Jalen Rosejalen rose

Kelvin Sampsonkelvin sampson

Kevin McHalekevin mchale

Warm Up Videos :

Manila Preseason Warm Up (this video is locked, so you have to click on the link)

THANK YOU so much Michelle for your contributions to this blog post!! I was cracking up laughing at your “report” as I was posting this and so jealous that you got to be so close to all the basketball players!! And I’m a devoted Jeremy Lin fan, but I don’t know if I could stake out his hotel for 2 days…so props to you and I’m glad that you finally got to see him in person!!

Comments for Michelle can be left on my blog or directly sent to her twitter account (https://twitter.com/IsabeliJane). I hope you enjoyed reading about Michelle’s adventure as much as I did. Until next time, stay safe and stay happy!! Goodnight my fellow Lin fans!!

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Playoffs Game 1: Houston Rockets v. Oklahoma City Thunder…and an upsetting loss!

It has been exactly a month since my last blog and I am sitting here listening to the pre-game commentary and realizing how much I have missed this feeling…of anticipation, of pride, of excitement… And I’m not gonna lie the 8th seed playing the 1st seed kind of has me a little worried. Everyone is saying that my Rockets don’t stand a chance….but the underdogs have defeated champions before, so we shall see.

A few things to keep in mind: this is Lin’s FIRST playoff game. Sometimes people forget that Lin sat out during the playoffs last season when he was with the Knicks, so I hope the pressure doesn’t get to him mentally. Also this game is being played at OKC’s home court and it’s a sold out game. It is like a sea of blue out there in the crowd…so they definitely have the home court advantage.

Stay with me…I’ll be updating this post after each quarter. Anyways…let the game begin!!!

First Quarter: HOU 19 vs. OKC 26

Ok my heart is very nervous for my boys right now. This first quarter was really hard to watch…during most of the first quarter, Houston was down by at least half of the points that OKC had…so it’s actually a relief that they are only down by 7pts right now. It’s not that HOU is playing horribly…it’s just that OKC is playing well. There were a lot of missed shots, a few turnovers…that blocked shot of Harden’s that made me scream at the tv…but there is still 3 more quarters to go. Let’s go Houston!!!

Halftime: HOU 47 vs. OKC 60

OMG…did you all see that beautiful play by Beverly and Parsons?! I couldn’t help by clap my hands and squeal.

There is still 3 minutes left to go but damn, our Rockets are playing hard and they are slowly coming back!! They even tied at one point!! My heart has finally calmed down a little *whew*.

And just as I post the above….OKC’s Perkins caught the ball all the way down the court and put in an uncontested dunk and my heart almost stopped because it was like I was watching a fall in slow motion and couldn’t stop it.

Then another dunk by OKC. And I’m still screaming at the tv. Harden started out slow…probably because he was playing his former teammates but right now Harden is still outscoring Durant. This game is getting really hard to watch. Down by 13…

3rd Quarter: HOU 66 vs. OKC 89

And it just keeps getting worse…missed shots galore. Lin had a steal at one point but lost the ball. I almost can’t watch this game anymore…almost…*sigh* Everything that I do for the love of Jeremy Lin. I swear it’s like I can’t watch him fail but I also can’t tear my eyes away in case he makes a beautiful play or by some miracle they win. I think there are like 2 Houston fans in the crowd and the camera man made sure to linger on their sad faces for like 10 seconds. Thank goodness for Delfino’s 3pter…not that it made much difference though because the Rockets are down by 19 right now. And OKC’s Westbrook just made a nice layup *deep sigh*. But Westbrook is on fire tonight and playing very well, so I can’t hate on his skills right now. I keep reminding myself the Rockets have won against OKC and came back after a huge deficit…so it’s not totally over yet.

Final: HOU 91 vs. OKC 120

Ok…let’s just say this game was a learning experience for our young Rockets. I know McHale will be having them watch the video during their downtime to prepare for this Wednesday’s game #2. With about 4 minutes left in the game, McHale pulled out his starters and put in the new rookies…that’s how you know the game was truly over for the Rockets. I know some folks will be blaming this loss on McHale, but the missed shots or turnovers are not his fault. And since OKC was already up by 30pts, which will be hard to recover from in 4 minutes, it is probably better to rest your starters for the next game and give your rookies some playing time. It wasn’t that HOU played bad tonight…it was just that OKC played so much better and towards the end I feel like the Rockets just kind of gave up. Let’s hope they save their energy and come back strong Wednesday night because I don’t know how I’m gonna watch another game like this from Houston!! Commentators just called this a “blowout win” and since my Rocket are on the losing end of that comment…I am not too happy right now. *blah*

Top 5 Scorers:

1) Harden: 20 pts, 6 rbds, 2 asts

2) Beverly: 11 pts, 4 rbds, 4 asts

3) Delfino: 10 pts, 2 rbds, 1 ast

4) Asik: 9 pts, 7 rbds, 2 asts

5) Parsons: 9 pts, 3 rbds, 0 ast


It’s almost 1am Eastern Time right now and these are all the videos that I could find. Please let me know if you find more videos that you don’t see here and if you give me the link to it, I will share it with everyone else.

It was great to be able to watch a game and blog for everyone again tonight. Join me this Wednesday for Game #2!! Goodnight all my faithful readers and Jeremy Lin and Houston Rockets fans!!

Updated with Pics and Video (courtesy of Lin Lady mber!!)

look at the concentration on that beautiful face…

having a chat with McHale


love this one against Westbrook

I don’t know what I am looking at harder…his “cry” face which makes me want to fight someone or his ass jammed up against lucky #5

this is seriously like a ballet dance pose!!

I can’t stand to see him make these faces!!

Can I have his lips for dinner??

I LOVE him in his specs 🙂

Postgame Interview:

Jeremy looks so down (but also so freaking hot!!). As he said, they don’t have any excuses but they need to prepare for the next game and that’s what their focus is going to be on moving forward.

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Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets…and the Rockets with a WIN!!

Jeremy Lin

(source: nba.si.com)

3rd Quarter: UTA 61 and HOU 80

Ok, so this wasn’t the most exciting game that I’ve seen. I started watching after Halftime and I am glad that I took the time to enjoy dinner, instead of rushing home to watch this game. Actually with the Rockets up by about 20 at halftime, it seemed like this game was a reverse of the Rockets v. Warriors game this past Sunday. I always want my Rockets to win, but at this time I just started feeling bad for the Jazz. I hate to see a team lose by such a margin unless they are the Knicks or the Heat…then I brag about the ass whopping they got!!

Final Score: UTA 93 and HOU 100

The game started to pick up in the last quarter and the Jazz cut the lead to 7 from being down by 26 at one point in the game….which is very impressive!! I have to give them an E for Effort!! This game was very important for both teams, with the Jazz being the 9th and the Rockets being the 7th seed. The Rockets need to continue their wins because I can only pray if they are up against OKC during the playoffs. I was also very happy to see Lin playing soo well during this game…making this his 25th game in double figures!! So proud of him!! 🙂

Top 5 Scorers:

  1. Harden: 29pts, 2rbds, 3asts
  2. Lin: 24pts, 2rbds, 6asts
  3. Parsons: 10pts, 8rbds, 3asts
  4. Asik: 9pts, 12rbds, 0ast
  5. Delfino: 9pts, 4rbds, 1ast

Harden was such a beast tonight…he outscored Parsons, Asik and Delfino COMBINED!! Lin wasn’t far behind and together him and Harden, made up about half the points tonight!! Those stats are just super crazy in a good way!!

Video Highlights:

Nothing wrong with your computer…but the audio is not working for some reason on this video.

Post Game Interview

Umm who is that singing in the background???…LMAO!! And that shiny head in the bottom right hand corner is also kind of distracting but moving on…to Jeremy Lin. He looks so much better than he did during the Warriors post game interview, even though, of course he is going to downplay his role of scoring 24pts tonight. Always the humble guy!

RocketsCastLive: One Step Closer






And I know all of us are obsessed fans, so I know everyone has already seen Jeremy modeling his new Houston Rockets’ scarf and even though he claims to be the #worstmodelever….we all know better thanks to his GQ covers.

But really LMAO!! I swear this guy is really hilarious. Here he models all the different ways you can wear a scarf. He draws inspiration from his own past looks and outfits.

1) the “chill guy” look which can also be seen here (and he looks really good with it):

2) the “superman cape” look which he perfects in GQ:  

3) the “hoodie” look:

image (source: heisjeremylin)

4) and last but not least, the “ninja” look (ok, so this one is a bit of a stretch).

(source: http://media.techeblog.com/images/lin_knicks.jpg)

Jeremy’s scarf was provided by Sportin’ Styles and honestly, their scarves are super cute!!

Well gotta head to bed now, goodnight everyone!! 🙂 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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Golden State Warriors v. Houston Rockets…and the Rockets with a loss :-(

Halftime Report: GSW 54 v. HOU 31

It’s been a while since I have been able to watch a game and find the time to report and when I started watching this game during the second quarter, I couldn’t help but cringe at the 41 vs. 27 score…and it only got worse as Curry and David Lee continued to put in baskets and as Delfino, Lin, and Parsons continued to miss theirs. Harden is the only Rockets with double points and even he has only 11 and it’s already halftime!! Curry is leading the GSW with 16pts. Lin does have 7pts and made a 3pter and he is the ONLY Rockets playing at 50% from the field at this time. Both Parsons and Asik have 4pts. They need to really get it together in the locker room and come back strong during the 2nd half…and they can definitely do it!! They have come back strong, like they did Friday against the Timberwolves, and they have played very well against the Warriors before…so no doubt in my mind that this game can still be a Win!! Stick with me, I will update this post after the game. 🙂

3rd Quarter: GSW 75 v. HOU 60

Well I don’t know what McHale said to his Rockets during the halftime break but whatever he said worked!! The Rockets came back strong during the 3rd quarter!! Lin made a 3! Harden made a 3 and at one point during the game the gap was closed to within 10pts.

Final Score: GSW 108 b. HOU 78

The beginning of the 4th quarter should have been called Delfino’s quarter. Delfino opened up the scoring with back to back 3s!! Both Delfino and Lin continued to play aggressively, but it wasn’t enough to close the lead that the Warriors made in the first half of the game. Commentators mentioned that Lin and Harden were the only players who were playing at their usual capacity and I am not sure what was causing their teammates to lag behind, especially Parsons, who barely made any baskets. Jeremy Lin was named Landry’s Rockets Player of the Game for his shooting and aggressive playing tonight. These past few games have really not been well for the Rockets and tonight was a very terrible loss…and I haven’t been keeping up with my boys as close as I usually do, but I don’t think there was a good excuse for being down almost 30 freaking points!! They started out very weak with missed baskets and even though they improved during the second half, it wasn’t good enough to win.

Top 5 Scorers:

  1. Harden: 21pts, 10rbds, 8asts
  2. Lin: 21pts, 1rbd, 4asts
  3. Delfino: 12pts, 1rbd, 1ast
  4. Parsons: 9pts, 7rbd, 2ast
  5. Asik: 6pts, 11rbds, 1ast

Video Highlights:






And this is just my random opinion…but this is the first game I really got to watch with Lin and his mouthguards and I just want to say, that I am not feeling that look on him!!

But I know, I know…I have to deal with it because I don’t want any of his pretty teeth to get knocked out or chipped again like last time. Now that would be an even more horrible look on him…sorry Cole Aldrich, you would be so much cuter with your two front teeth. 🙂

And…here is a video link of him trying to talk with his mouth guards in. Jeremy even says himself at the end of this video how he really can’t talk well and how the mouth guards are hurting him. (Thanks for the link Cath!!) I’m sorry but I couldn’t keep my eyes away from his lips, which look extra plump and juicy, but at the same time they were such a distraction that I had a hard time paying attention to his words…especially with him licking and pursing his lips. OMG…this video really is kinda hilarious to me!! LMAO!!


Ok…some other fans have brought to my attention that he is not struggling to talk with his mouth guard in, but that actually he is having trouble speaking because he busted his lip. Poor baby is always getting hurt!! Ok…ignore everything I just said about laughing at him…I would never want to hurt your feelings Jeremy!!

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Insider Report: Houston Rockets v. Brooklyn Nets 2-22-13 and RocketsCast Live with Chandler Parsons!

huddle playing

Hey Everyone!! I hope you all are doing well and everyone is staying healthy and happy. I have been so busy with real life lately that I have not had the time to properly watch the games and do blog posts, which saddens me because I miss Jeremy and all of my devoted readers. I am also soo grateful to my readers for being willing to share their Houston Rockets’ experience with me and everyone else. I would not be able to bring you these “Insider Reports” without the help of my Lin Ladies near and far…and this one is no different!! Thank you so so much to Lin Lady, “Mrs. Lin” for sharing her experience with us!!

Insider Report brought to you by “Mrs. Lin”:

“I’m so mad I didn’t make it for the player introductions, but I did have a great time. Luckily, security at the Barclays Center is super cool, they didn’t even check my bag (oops on their part) which makes me mad cause then I could’ve brought my professional camera and get better quality pictures, but I guess this is good enough. I felt a disconnection between Jeremy and the team which showed in his performance, along with his teammates not trusting him with the ball. He didn’t smile not once, and his swag was completely missing. He was doing plays from the corner… it made me so upset to watch. Maybe it’s because he’s upset with the Morris, Patterson and Douglas trade? I just wish he played with more potential, more soul for the game you know?

It’s hard to pay attention to the game while you’re there live vs watching it on TV, so I didn’t get to really comprehend any plays lol. And I also am a very bad videographer since I missed his important plays. Oh and while my friends were there for Brooklyn, I obviously was there for the Rockets haha so it made for a lot of tension when they won. My highlight from the game is when I called his name from across court and he actually heard me and looked up! I also sat next to a guy who was there for the same reason I was, to see Jeremy! There were a lot of Houston fans there too, like a whole 2 sections dedicated to them it was pretty cool. Made me very proud to know he still has fans in NY. But what made me really upset is he still has groupies lol. I cursed one of them out because I’m crazy haha. Hope you all enjoy my video and pictures. Can’t wait until he comes to play in NY again!”

This video is freaking awesome!! The personal touch of this video made it better than any ESPN or NBA highlights video!! I was listening to Mrs. Lin talk and it’s crazy how much I sound like her (or she sounds like me lol). Also my 2 favorite parts: at 3:13…when you were telling Jeremy to make the basket “for K”, was that a shout out to me?! If so, you are soo freaking awesome x100 Mrs Lin!! Even though, Jeremy didn’t make the basket, I don’t feel so bad because he didn’t make the basket “for God” either lmao! And at 3:49…OMG….you filmed a butt shot and then Jeremy poked his butt out a little more…like he just knew it was on camera for the world to see!! You are a woman after my own heart. I have been waiting for a filmed butt shot for like ages and all the other reporters suck at that. That’s why we need a fangirl to do some film commentary and video…b/c fangirls know what we are looking for and what we want to see!! Again…awesome video and thank you so much for taking the time to put this together!!

armsPerfect shot of his arms!! You must have a really good camera Mrs. Lin!!


Another angle of his arms and his back. This man is delicious looking in any angle!


It’s like he’s the only one on the court and all eyes are on him.

***All these pics, commentary and video are courtesy of “Mrs. Lin” and I have reprinted them with her permission! Please credit her and this blog if you decide to repost them. Thank you in advance!!***

Thank you all very much for your patience as I go through my real life responsibilities. I will be back soon and I promise everyone plenty of spazzing out photos…I mean have you seen all the ones from All-Star Week. There is just not enough time in the day to drool over all the saliva inducing pics!!! Also below is an interview with Chandler Parsons that is really honest and open.

Video: Chandler Parsons on RocketsCast Live. He talks about his friendship with Jeremy Lin at 13:00 and tries to dispel rumors of McHale not liking Jeremy Lin at 15:00. It’s a very long video but worth listening to as they talk about how he is “the best bargain in the NBA that is not Lebron James”. CP is another awesome and genuine guy. I can’t help but to love my Rockets!

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UPDATED Insider Report: Warriors vs. Rockets (from a Warriors’ fan’s point of view)

Report from Lin Lady: Cath

Thank you soo much for doing this for me and everyone else.

My gripe:
I hate that they do not allow lenses longer than 3 inches. I swear they measured my lens. Scared I’m going to sell my pictures to the highest bidder? Anyway, with 2 zoom capable cameras I was able to bring zero. Just the normal lens.

Heard from the bathroom:
Warriors announcers are still very happy for Jeremy saying that Houston is a better fit for him rather than New York. New York was a nice place to burst into the scene but Houston is where he can develop into the player that he can become. As is seen lately from his performance in a steady improvement and upward trajectory.

Heard from the stands:
“Man, there was no Linsanity today!” ~ Disappointed Warriors fan as he heads into the line to pile out. I am not sure if it was a conscious effort on JLin not to “overachieve” today and just play a solid game but the dude played hard, there was no question about it. People still expect “Linsanity”. News flash: It ain’t happening in Houston. Stop pressuring the guy and let him play and develop.

The Game:
Civil. Sluggish. Those two words say it all.
Is there a time difference between Houston, Texas and Oakland, California? Were they jet lagged? Did both teams party out too late and are all fatigued or hungover? I don’t know what happened to both teams, the Rockets’ normally fast paced offense seem to have been played in slow motion. I suppose I was expecting that the Warriors were going to come back with a vengeance, this being their home court and due to the turn of events of their last meeting. All the mischievous tweets back and forth were all bark and no bite. It’s not as if I was expecting a hockey-like brawl where dentures and mouthpieces come-a-flyin’ or anything but I guess I expected the Warriors to give the Rockets hell. They did pester them a little but the Rockets can hold their own. You pester, they pester back, like your pesky little sibling.

The first half was a wash with the Rockets trailing for the most part (not by much) by the end of the first half, it was tied at 49 points a piece.     Unfortunately for the Warriors, the Rockets gained momentum in the beginning of the third quarter and this was happening while I was outside waiting for my son to be delivered to me and dealing with a miscommunication with my husband. Don’t worry, there were no tempers flying just plain old funny misunderstanding when your seats are a floor apart. Needless to say, I missed the part where the Rockets not really blasted off, maybe made a push to lead the 2nd half by 9 points almost the entire time. The Warriors narrowed it down to 5 but the Rockets kept their pace. It was a nice solid game by the Rockets as a team but undeniably, Harden’s game was off. The knee was really bothering him. It was “turnoverpalooza” time. The shots he would normally make were not falling. He is not known as Mr. Butterfingers but tonight he was that. I mean, he’s Harden. NBA’s resident alien together with Lebron James & Kevin Durant with their crazy efficiency stats. But he did sink all of his FTs.

Some of the fouls on Lin also affected his knees where he would clutch it in a quick massage before shooting his FTs. The fans booed like he was acting, LOL. Sour grapes indeed. My friend and I just didn’t see the point of the booing then clapping right after, too much energy spent on two things that eventually negate each other. Boooo – Yayyyy!!! It may be that there were equal parts of Lin Only Fans and Warriors Fans. Maybe the cheers and the jeers are coming from the same exact people? The intensity of the boos and the yayyys were exactly the same. Jeremy played a very solid game, he had 14 points (8 coming from the FT line and one very nice lay up), 10 assist and zero TO. Yes, a double double friends and NO APPLE TURNOVERS.

I know that both teams needed this game, but this is what keeps me sane being a Warrior fan and a Jeremy Lin fan (no I am not a/an L-O-F). I am okay that the Warriors only lost by 9 and not 31. They have to realize there are holes in their games. They have to work on sealing those holes. If I can see it, I am sure they can too. I’m happy that Jeremy had a nice solid performance with 7 Rockets in double digit scores, plenty of assists to go around just means the team is rounding out nicely. I STILL BELIEVE is the Warriors motto but for the young Rockets, people are STARTING TO BELIEVE.

People were piling out even before the clock ran out so I couldn’t see if the “friends” hugged but I know Curry and Lin did. Camera not ready of course. Darn it!

As for the fangirl portion of this piece…I don’t think any team is as good looking as the Rockets!!! I do love Steph Curry, David Lee, Harrison Barnes, even Andris Biedrins has got a charm of his own but the Rockets are like the Rockstars of the NBA and I am a groupie LMAO. Again, never been a groupie for anyone or anything in all my life. There’s always a first.
My camera automatically gets set on burst mode when it’s not using the flash. I have a series of pictures I wish I could share with you especially when Jeremy and other teammates were stretching and warming up. If I keep my fingers on enter/return button of the computer and hold it down through the pictures on preview the series of pictures function just like a film/movie. I was amused and entertained but there are literally hundreds of pictures taken. Too many to share. I tried to take a picture of everyone but it’s impossible with people getting in and out of their seats every single time (annoying).

So here are some pictures I think are ogle-worthy:


CP bowing to what

CP bowing to what?

DelFINE-o in uniform

Del-FINE-o in uniform (and in action!!)


Donuts (and nice ones at that LOL)


From this angle, CP and JLin looked like they were tapping Mook's butt.

From this angle, CP and JLin looked like they were tapping Mook’s butt.

Get him!

Get Him!

get your foot off the line!!

Get your foot off the line!!

good friends forever

Best friends forever!

Harden the superstar

Harden the superstar

just look at this picture

just look at this picture (CP looks like he’s working his kegel muscles and JL is checking his own badunkadunk)

knee raises

knee raises

last time he was in the middle of thi...

the last time he was in the middle of this floor, Jeremy was a Warrior

leg raises

leg raises (wow he is really flexible!! I can’t even do that!!)

look at chandler's face LOL(look at CP’s face…he is giving someone the evil eye!)

more JLin of course

more JLin of course

more Omer the teddy bear

Omer the teddy bear

Omer Asik n Destroy

Omer Asik n Destroy

rockets shoot around

Rockets’ shoot around (and embedded in this pic, Cath wrote “There was a hug between Beverly and Lin mostly Beverly on Lin.”)

Rox fan in Oracle arena. There were a few that don Rocket Reds.

Rox fan in Oracle arena. There were a few that don Rocket Reds.

sooo many memes for this one

soo many memes for this one (LOL…what should this meme be??)



the bench

the Bench

the guards

the guards

There was a nice hug between JLin & Bev herethere was a nice hug between JLin and Bev here (actually it looks like CP reached back to hold JL’s hand lol)

***All these pics are courtesy of Cath and I have reprinted them with her permission! Even the photo captions are her original comments (unless they are in red, which are my own thoughts). Please credit her and this blog if you decide to repost them. Thank you in advance!!***

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